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Meet the God's thread of... by insane-ukulele Meet the God's thread of... by insane-ukulele

Want to see artwork alone? Just click here!

WARNING! It's pretty long.

Name: Adhemoth Akchra.
- Also codenamed REC0RD.
- Name is spelled as "Edgemoth".
- According to his knowledge, adhemoth means Apocalypse in Ccaeromish (fictional tribe in the north of Africa, CER0 universe).

Height: 6' 7" (around 2 meters high). Actually it's forced by hair - from bald peak to highest hair peak is exactly 1" (2,5 cm)
- Due to some fancy nanotechnology his hair will stay healthy and in the same shape, even after some extreme haircut attempts.
- By the look he seems to be very well built - looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his back glory. Although he despises bodybuilders for going only-for-show.
- Actually, his (almost) whole body and T-shirt shown on the picture is made of shiva. It's actually liquid artificial body, which contains at least one powerful spirit. The owner of it has to fulfill its desire or else after some time owner itself will become part of it. It happened to him once and thanks to one kid he's back to his shape. He also seemed to fulfill its desires and so, it will never happen again.
- Although that, in non-extreme temperatures will be just like ordinary body. If it will be hotter than 50o C, the body will start to turn itself into one big biomass the hotter there will be. In that case he can joint chopped parts back.
- Armlets are not part of the shiva!

Weight: 228.8 lbs (around 104 kg)
- It also includes AKIRA device (on the back), which is 12 kg.
- Boots and armlets are actually very lite, despite its hardness. Also the first thing seem to prevent his feet from stinking.

Age: 104. I'm not joking. His race, due to its highly spiritual nature, is considered to be immortal. Only some people in his own race are older than that, though.

Alignment: Good. He'd go all for maintaining the peaceful state of mind/land as long as it doesn't need radical movements.

:bulletred: CREA1E - it's the same specie as Ruswell's 0ELETE. So yes. Persona. This one is concentrated in God's ability to create anything from nothing - materializing things!
* For AFL5 purposes, it will be limited to any item / power / skill from videogames, cartoons, anime. and other contestants. Source will be always told and shown.
- Limited to 10 tones (10.000 kg) per cycle.
- He can't create anything labeled as God-like. For example He can't create any form of life. (especially cloning, even if it's just some kind of ninjutsu)
- The tones and kilos in case of that ability is used as just a measure. The actual items might be pretty lite and even little bird wouldn't have a problem with carrying it.
- If the skill / power / ability is locked inside the body (for example super strength), it will use hell a lot of limit. The more Gold-like it is, the more weight that "device" will get. Not? It would be just like an ordinary item.
- How to count devices for inside-body powers? A x (B x C)
A = weight of item that would be responsible for such powers (I'd go with sci-fi design, but it's actually free room for you!)
B = 100 kg.
C = God-like Level. Just think if it would be able to make a device to do the same thing for you. The less possible it is, the higher it gets (max. 10, min. 1. Zero is used for "existing" items)
- Anything created by him, even the heaviest item, can be controlled with telekinesis.
- Considering the things from other contestants - original user's mind/personality will mix with his own the more he will use it. Slight appearrance change may happen (in the same tone as T-shirt). Destruction of the item will remove that influence.
- "Cycle" refers to time after at least 6 hours of overall sleep - The limit will reset after he will sleep 6 hours at all. Sleep time can be partied as he please.
- Created item might be kept as long as he please. It can be destructed or... turned into Devil's Spears. He can't disintegrate them though.
:bulletblack: AKIRA - it's the giant device on his back. It's supposed to be his birth-weapon. It's also a nickname of his "chain". Due to its terrifying and insane legend based on facts, its real name is prohibited from leaking.
- Creates "Devil's Spears" - up to 1,5m long and sharp spears that, due to its spiritual aura, can pierce through anything.
- Those are sharing the same limit as for CREA1E and each spear is 1 kg. There's no limit of how much he can create those however.
- Its speed goes to 200 km/h. In BATSHIT INSANE mode it goes up to 400 km/h.
- Adhemot can change trajectory of each spear as he please. They are peaking down however when left unfocused. The same goes for bending them and back.
:bulletwhite: BATSHIT INSANE
- It can be forced while tearing his hopes apart, forcing his will to do not as he please (heavy hypnosis) or making his family hurt.
- It's shown as limiters on AKIRA device going out of the device, looking like multiple pipes on it.
- In this mode all his limits are off and his stamina, strength and speed is multiplied by 5. However, his imagination and will is very limited. Practically, he turns berserk.
- His movements are reminding of werewolf.
- It can be turned off in 2 ways: meeting the conditions or attempting "Trial of LOVE" inside his mind.
- Meeting the condition: it's usually eliminating a target. It can be anything else though, as long, as he wanted that to happen very much. After that he will gain consciousness.
- "Trial of LOVE" is... Attempting at least half this song's lyrics with pair of the hypothesizer and Adhemoth's calm self (to make it proper, it will change its gender in case of hypothesizer beign male). When succeeded, Adhemoth himself will lose consciousness for some hours!

:bulletred: Enhanced Strengh and Agility - he can carry 200 kg on his bare hand without sweat (that gives 400 on both at once!). The same goes to dodging bullets.
:bulletblack: Boxing - he's actually very good at it. He might use kicks though in case that item would need so.
:bulletwhite: Rich mind - very wild imagination, high intelligence and high EQ makes him to almost level of genius. Especially in case of going all way hardcore, extreme and deadly.

WEAKNESSES (there's couple of them!)
- Kinda slow - it's kinda exchange of being strong and agile. Lifted in the BATSHIT INSANE mode.
- Over-thinks everything - can take most valuable time for making everything flawless. It's very often for him to get the simplest yet most effective ideas after act/fact as well.
- The more God-like item to create is, it will take longer to create, max. hour! When unfocused it takes up to 3 times more.
- Can't stand men who are by any cost trying to look like pretty women. (WARNING! In extreme cases it will cause BATSHIT INSANE mode to turn on!!)
- Prejudices a lot (usually with wrong assumptions)
- Womanizer (as long as it looks "beautiful" and "perfect")
- He doesn't know hot to live as living liquid mass. ;D
- Might have problems when opponent is completely unpredictable.

Personality: Mentor-like. Cheerful person whose smile will rarely leave its place. In case if you will get a breakdown, he will try to cheer you up and go on as much as he can. However he can get serious into things when it comes to his family or himself. It's hard to break him down or tickle him off, but when that happens, it's indeed tragic/bad to source of this. Always desperate to reconcile everyone, despite the alliance.

As everyone from his specie, he will try to silence anyone who will loudly and truly express his love to God or any religion represents. (it's long story to tell)

+ Fantasy books
+ "Fine" Art (it's: any kind, as long as it's not pure crap)
+ Slashers (DMC, God of War, etc)
+ Dark Rock music
+ Black wine (it's gathered from pure black grapes. Highlighted gives bloody red and it's sour-sweet flavoured in 3:1. Highly alcoholic for humans.)
+ "Handsome" people
- "Emo" culture
- MS Paint
- Masochists
- Games, which are kinda slow
- Pop
- Girlish yaoi/Manly yuri
- Censorship (as "It makes people dumb to not tell them the truth!!1!")

Will try to shorten it up and condense into either other sheet and/or audition comic or else everyone will have to read this monstrous wall of text. :stare:

Note to everyone: his powers will remain unchanged.. Everything else however might change if something might make him too powerful! Please comment if something can be done there! :D

Adhemoth (read as Edgemote), CER0 universe =damyannn
AFL 5 *AngelCrusher
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QueenBex Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Interesting character, looks like we're fighting next! Which vehicle would he have? I can see him on a motorbike, but I wanted to see if you had a prefered vehicle for him? Just so you know my OC Eric would probably choose a moped or a small car like a mini or something.

Good luck! :iconhandshakeplz:
insane-ukulele Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011
I'm actually going with the hybrid of bikes from TRON (overall design) and Gantz (the cabinet and that... tire?) with dangerous assets* but you don't have to follow that description though! ;D

And thanks for the info about your OC, although I was going with only air pressure. :XD:

* spoilers: including giant blade whips, which one is ended with blood pressuring mace of massive slaughter party and moar.
QueenBex Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You mean something like this: [link] but with the rider more upright like the Gantz one?
I'm looking forward to the challenge! ;)

no problem! To be honest I was just going to use his more windy powers too! Although I may draw him on a moped in the future, it would suit him well! :D
insane-ukulele Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011
Exactly! :D And... is it me or the helmet of that bike wants to eat someone?
QueenBex Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Either that or it has already done so! ;)
JacobDobson Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
So... A random sword? That shouldn't be a problem right?
insane-ukulele Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011
Not at all! :D
JacobDobson Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome. Now I've got that clear in my head this fight should go swimmingly. :D
thieviusracoonus Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011
Good luck in the tourney.
Geek-Shriek Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011  Student Filmographer
Now this guy has some complex powers. I like the concept behind it all. I cant wait to see how someone handles this guy.
Bug-Off Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He must have a powerful imagination. :iconimaginationplz:
Wontknowwonthurtyou Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011
His whole idea seems interesting.. but am I the only one who sees Bat-Shit Mode? I mean do you pronounce it another way or something?
insane-ukulele Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011
It's pronounced as written - it's called "BATSHIT INSANE", but if it's grammatically wrong - it can be corrected. All suggestions are welcome!
Wontknowwonthurtyou Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011
Oh no, it's grammatically right, but I just can't get over the fact that it's bat shit.
AngelCrusher Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Sounds like he will be quite a hard fighter to battle against if he can make anything his mind and conjure. Hope people can distract him long enough to keep his mind blank and get attacks in, otherwise he could slaughter everyone. ^_^
RODCOM1000 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011  Professional General Artist
Cool! See you on the battlefield!
alecyl Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011
this sounds very complicated...let's see if i got that right! he can create stuff from thin mean telekinetic constructs like green lantern can create or does he actually materialize things?
insane-ukulele Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011
He actually materializes things!
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